About Our Impact

Mi-fi was a student-run organization with the goal of raising awareness on Microfinance and its potential impact. Our projects in 2016 addressed organizations and people in developing countries.

Valuing Impact: Mi-fi believes that an investment, in addition to a financial return, has to also generate an impact by means of a non-financial value for society. Finance Must Be Meaningful! 

Our vision is that all finance contributes in a meaningful and sustainable way to society. We want a universal application of meaningful finance.

Mi-fi’s mission is to raise awareness of Microfinance and Impact Finance in general.

Our focus lies on involving students in a dialogue with public and private organisations in Switzerland and abroad, to initiate action among future leaders, and to create new ideas as well as connections. As part of this we have several Events

Topic: The Role Of Technology In Improving The Impact Of Microfinance

We want to foster discussions on technological developments in different fields: Finance, Insurance, Education and Agriculture. All of these fields have seen great technological advancements in recent time. We therefore steer towards increasing collaboration across these areas to increase the effectiveness of Microfinance and Impact Finance.

People: Students Motivated To Make A Change

The students contributing on a voluntary basis to Mi-fi have backgrounds in ethics, political science, economics, management, as well banking and finance. 

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