Julian Osborne
President of Mi-Fi, Political Science
I strongly believe that any kind of financial investment should have a purpose and impact beyond only an interest rate return. Mi-fi allows me to get in touch with and experience many positive examples.
Amadeus Bringmann
Economics, Board Member
I joined Mi-fi out of two reasons. First, I believe developing countries to have enormous potential when it comes to human capital and I see Microfinance as a very effective tool to make use of this potential. Second, I believe that contributing to this process in the form of a student group is an ideal (and fun) way to implement own ideas and gain first hands-on experience.
Stefania Rubin
Business Administration and Finance
Microfinance inspires me because I think it’s a constructive way to help people having their own business and become self-sufficient. Mi-fi is the perfect opportunity for me to make a small contribution to their success and get to know more about this fascinating sector.
Jannick Pierobon
Business Administration and Finance
First because Microfinance is what investing really means; isn't based on a win-lose relation as stock markets do. Microfinance is worth for investors, and gives growth opportunities to people facing less developed financial markets. Finally, the microfinance sector, represents in my opinion a more valuable alternative compared to traditional stock markets, because the payoff is higher for investors and it's not facing periodical downturns as stock markets do.
Robin Zobrist
Mi-Fi Marketing, Business Administration
Microfinance is able to give people on low income the opportunity and motivation to change their situation. Investors can simultaneously make a profit and do something good for the world.
Stepanka Kralikova
Banking and Finance
Through Mi-fi I get the opportunity to learn about various topics and trends in the micro-finance world while raising awareness about it among other students. Mi-fi connects students, professionals and micro-entrepreneurs.
Amira Sakr
Banking and Finance, Board Member
I believe that microfinance has the potential to improve the living conditions of individuals in less developed countries and to be a catalyst for sustainable economic development of the regions those individuals live in. Mi-fi offers me the opportunity to make an impact by contributing to the realization of this potential, which I am very excited about.
Diego Meschini
Business Administration
I feel proud and excited about participate to such a project. I would like to put myself into something real and contribute, within my possibilities and knowledges, to the development of our organisation!
Valentin Degen
Working at Boldomatic
To contribute more than just money through charity. To incentivize young people in developing countries to create rather than migrate.
Elena Prassler
Banking and Finance
I'm interested in micro finance. I would like to know more about what can people do with it in less developed countries and how can it be developed in the future.
Noah Sutter
Because I am fascinated with international economic relationship and finding ways to improve living conditions of people in LDCs. Microfinance, as I have experienced during Mifi-Module in Georgia, is a way to achieve this goal while treating the poor as equals and partners rather than passive recipients.
Kilian Scheuber
M&A Consulting
Micro-Finance provides a promising alternative to greenwashing and othermeaningless CSR efforts without substantial impact.
Damian Durrer
Impact investing and microfinance have shown over the past decades, that there does not need to be a trade-off between financial and social returns of investments. Giving students opportunities to experience this development themselves brought me to Mi-fi in fall 2015 and kept me here since.
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