5 Reasons to start your career while at Uni

Are you not sure what you want to do after your studies? Probably, you know it should be something with impact and that has a meaning! Maybe you are interested in gaining some experience during your studies, but you do not know where to begin.

Mi-fi was started exactly like that! We are now around 12 students and fresh graduates, working on this project. This is your chance to involve yourself in activity next to your studies, develop new skills for your career, while you have a positive impact at the same time.

Who are we?

Mi-fi is a non-profit student-run organization from Zurich, founded less than a year ago. Our goal is to raise awareness and develop to tools, which benefit Microfinance and Impact Finance. Our projects address organizations and people in developing countries. We focus on a dialogue between students and organizations. We believe that an investment, in addition to a financial return, has to generate an impact by means of a non-financial value for society. Our members have range of backgrounds, from Banking&Finance, over Politics and Ethics, to Communications.

What are we doing?

We organize events on one side and consulting related activities – which include visits to other countries – on the other. Our current topic concentrates on the role of technology in improving the impact of Microfinance. We want to foster discussions on technological developments in different fields: Finance, Insurance, Education and Agriculture – all of which have seen great technological advancements in recent time.

What are the FIVE reasons to join Mi-fi?

  1. Be part of the Mi-fi team, through which you get to know interesting people wanting to make a difference.
  2. Work in an impactful field, which sustainably helps organizations and people in developing countries.
  3. Freshly founded but with endless opportunities, experience some Startup atmosphere with Mi-fi.
  4. Learn about a socially responsible form of finance and get exposed to companies working in that area.
  5. Gather Experience relevant for your professional career – for example, we use several programs, which companies from startups to large corporations rely on. A letter of recommendation and a member certificate can be expected for effortful involvement.

Who are we are looking for?

We need students from any University in Zürich. We have many opportunities to integrate your efforts in the team. From a marketing and communication project, over consulting work in developing countries, or event organization in Zürich. We are developing an entire set of tools to help Microfinance. Therefore, we require students willing to be part of Mi-fi and work on our plans and their execution for a couple of hours a week over the course of the next semesters. You do not need experience in Finance, no do you have to be a Techie  – important is that you are motivated to work with us want to develop your skills. You should be able to communicate in English. Maybe you are also looking to go to another country for one or two weeks during a semester break to learn how the tools we are developing work in practice.

Tool for Microfinance: Example 1 – Marketing and Communications Project

Timeline – Mi-fi Module

This project is part of our Mi-fi Module, for which we are currently developing modular learning units for Microfinance companies. These units should be transferable from one country to another and allow us to interact with and help local Microcredit givers. Our first Mi-fi Module took place last July in Georgia. Two of our members went to Crystal, for two weeks and worked on Extension Services and Value-Chains.

  • October
    • Develop Concept
    • Gather feedback from MFIs
  • November
    • Gather feedback from MFIs
    • Create Final Output
  • December
    • Potential to visit MFI in respective country

Are you eager to practice your social media skills (Twitter, Instagram, Linked and Facebook)? Do you want to learn how to create newsletters (Mailchimp), improve your SEO knowledge, develop communication material and plan content feeds? Are you interested in gaining additional experience during your studies in a meaningful organization? Mi-fi is has open possibilities for engaged students, looking for experience next to their studies in Marketing and Communication.

Are you interested?

Please send an email to Julian Osborne (Julian.osborne@mi-fi.org)

  • Include your CV and a couple of lines why you are interested in working on the products. We will schedule an interview with you as soon as possible.

Please note that we cannot reimburse you for the work. All Mi-fi members volunteer for the work they are contributing. We formally started at the beginning of this year so we are still quite new and are looking for engaged and motivated students to be part of the team.

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